double-barreled 1911 pistol

Close Up Shooting with Hickok45 And a Double-Barreled 1911 Pistol

What's more fun than a 1911 pistol in .45 auto?

How about one that's actually two pistols welded together? Hickok45 does some close range shooting with this double barrel 1911 pistol.

Hickok45 got another chance to make double holes with each shot using a double-barreled 1911 pistol.

The pistol is actually two pistols in one welded together. Named the 2011 Dueller Prismatic this double barrel beast fires two .45 ACP cartridges with each pull of the trigger. Two large holes appear side by side in targets with each single pull of the trigger. Now, that is pretty slick. Remember, a single full metal jacket .45 ACP slug weighs, on average 230, grains. Imagine the power of two simultaneous hits from this hard hitter.

Special thanks to Hickok45 for showing us what the 2011 Dueller Prismatic double-barreled pistol is capable of.