Frigid Temperatures Causes Damage to Pony's Nether Regions, Fundraiser Helps

Funds have been raised by an animal rescue group in Maine for Richard's new genitalia. 

Richard the pony is 15 years old and is unfortunately suffering from penile cancer. When he was delivered to Animal Rescue Unit, an animal shelter in Bridgeton, Maine, he had a pretty bad infection on his genitalia.

When temperatures dropped to -25 degrees the night he arrived, a part of Richard's penis broke off when his caretaker Brogan Horton was examining him. The loss of this anatomy has led to his skin painfully rotting and he will need an entirely new penis. The surgery to replace Richard's anatomy will not be cheap, so Horton has reached out the public for help.

A fundraising page has been set up for Richard the pony on YouCaring called "Help Richard the Pony Get a New Penis!. The surgery will cost $4,000 but over $5,429 has already been collected!


The animal rescue just wants to see Richard happy and healthy for the remainder of his life, since he came to the shelter in a bad state. Horton told reporters that this was an odd case, and one they don't see often.

"Normally this is far too much for us to spend on one horse, but the level of neglect that Richard has seen deems him worthy of a time in his life that is pain free."

The frigid temperatures will also mean that Richard may have a tough time with recovery, as the vets will remove, shorten, and attach a new penis. This means his stay at the hospital will be longer to ensure his full recovery.

Horton said:

"It's only best he heals in the best way he can. Why give this one pony a shot? Because once healed, he won't need any special aftercare. He has more than half his life left."

Animal Rescue Unit is so grateful to everyone who has helped Richard in his path to recovery!

There's still time to contribute to Richard's cause! Check out the fundraising page to see how you can help.

Tell us what you think of Richard's plight in the comments below!

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