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Born from the creative minds at Volvo, Polestar is looking to shake up the electric car industry.

Last October, the visionaries over at Volvo announced the debut of the Polestar electric car company, a side venture housed under the Geely Auto tree. And in a recent feature from Forbes, the new company, while connected by DNA, is already marketing itself as a disruption machine in the electric car market.


Facebook: Polestar

Electric cars taking over auto shows as critical darlings, being taken as real trendsetters in the weird/strange/now-unpredictable world of automobiles. Tesla is constantly in the news for something, traditional automakers are revamping their engines left and right, and cities across the globe are finding ways to halt traffic caused by gas-powered vehicles.

Polestar is led by Thomas Ingenlath, an enthusiastic interlocutor for the company specifically and the electric car industry more broadly. "We need to make brave decisions and stand by them," the CEO said at the Geneva Motor Show, where the Polestar electric car unit debuted the Polestar 1, a sleek and minimalist approach to electric car design.

The new company's flagship model is a grand touring coupe based on Volvo's Concept Coupe, a 600-horsepower electric hybrid that offers 93 miles of electric range. Polestar plans to pump out 500 units of the (*gulp*) $155,000 car on an annual basis from its Chengdu, China factory.


Facebook: Polestar

Innovation Comes Standard

The focus has been put on the Polestar electric car design and automation. Ingenlath is cut from the Volvo cloth, having been vice president of design at Volvo in Sweden before being tapped as the CEO of Polestar. He's no doubt bringing his emphasis on sleek European design to the forefront for the new car company. "You could say the brand is masculine. We have a super reduced clear-cut style here," he told Forbes.

The Polestar 1 is projected to set the stage for future renditions of the model, like how Tesla rolled out its models over the years. The Polestar 2 is projected to already have design updates for the interior, something the CEO wants to use as a personalized approach to owning a car.

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