For These Lumberjacks, Cutting Down a Tree is a Work of Art

Who knew cutting down a monster tree could be made to look so easy?

These lumberjacks are true masters of their craft. You can tell they know exactly how to cut this tree and what tools to use in order to get it to fall right where they want it.

Before you get to deep into this post, I must warn you not to try this at home. Unless you are a professional you may want to call someone like these folks to do the heavy lifting. Things can easily get ugly when dealing with a tree this size.

Watch the video below to see this skilled team in action.

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If you watch the guy with the chainsaw, it is obvious this isn't his first rodeo. He quickly moves around the thing making perfect cuts with ease. After he has carved out his portion, his coworker slides in with a jack and starts to lift it in the direction they need it to fall. Before you know it, it is crashing to the ground!

Now that is what I call a job well done!

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