This New HD Fly Tying Series Takes Fly Tying to a Whole New Level

Whether you are a beginner or expert fly tyer you will love our style of HD fly tying videos!

When I first started tying flies, I spent a ton of time on Youtube watching step-by-step fly tying videos. Unfortunately, those videos are typically long and boring and not always the best quality. So, I decided to embark on a mission to change all that.

The idea was simple. Create HD fly tying videos that are well edited, show all the necessary steps in a clear and precise manner, and try to keep them between 3-5 minutes in length in order to hold the viewers attention all the way through.

Since I began creating these video's and posting them to my website, we have had a great response from the fly fishing community and have now feature not only the HD tying videos, but also HD photo tutorials as well.

Currently I am working on a minimum 12 part bonefish fly series that will take you through the flies that I will be bringing on my trip to Honduras. Simply click these links to view Part One and Part Two.

The video below is Part Three of the series.

Below is the material list for this particular pattern.

  • Hook: #4 Mustad 34007
  • Eye: Small White Dumbbell
  • Body: Pearl, Flat Diamond Braid
  • Legs: Hot Tip Orange
  • Wing: Sand Pseudo Hair
  • Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash

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