Shark Fishing on a Ladder with a Chum Bag Tied Underneath... What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Shark fishing has become a huge sector in the sport fishing community, and these guys just took it a step further!

Team Rebel Fishing decided that shark fishing just wasn't gnarly enough. So, they decided to fish for them while standing on a ladder that they placed on the flat. However, that isn't where their creative thinking stopped. To spice things up a bit more they decided to hang a chum bag off the ladder as well.

That is a deadly combination that is sure to make things interesting!

View the video below to check out their crazy form of shark fishing!

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I am all for having some crazy fishing adventures, but I must admit this is a little too much for me. One slip off that ladder and things can easily take a turn for the worst!

We have seen some monster sharks caught inshore that could easily come in and tip that ladder over with ease. Certainly glad that nothing like that took place in the video.

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