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This Wooden Kayak is Craftsmanship at Its Finest

When it comes to the best wooden kayak money can buy, it is hard to get past the craftsmanship on this one.

I’ll let you all know right off the bat that I am by no means and expert on wooden kayak building. However, I worked in construction for a few years and grew up with my dad as a custom cabinet maker.

The bottom line is this: I know good craftsmanship when I see it, and this, my friends, is some of the best there is.

Nick Schade from Guillemot Kayaks is an expert in designing and building wooden kayaks. Nick’s boats are made from high quality composite materials and have been developed through his years of experience with small watercraft like kayaks, canoes, row boats, and small sailboats.

The Guillemot Kayaks are known worldwide for their unique beauty. While these boats look like pieces that should be put up in a showroom, they are built to withstand the abuse that comes with daily use on the water.



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This Wooden Kayak is Craftsmanship at Its Finest