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Florida Shelter Sorts Adoptable Dogs as If They Are Going to Hogwarts

Grab your wands, it's time to take a trip to "Pawgwarts."

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is on a mission to show witches, wizards, and muggles alike that judging a dog by its breed isn't always accurate. Millions of dogs end up living in shelters because their determined breed is deemed less than desirable. But in most cases, it's impossible to tell a dog's breed by looking at them. It's their personality that truly matters when it comes to fitting in with a family.
To solve the problem, Pet Alliance has come up with a magical new way to present their adoptable dogs. Instead of categorizing dogs by breed, they've started an initiative to sort their temporary residents into the four Hogwarts houses from the popular Harry Potter series. Pet Alliance released a statement about their new policy saying;

"Scientific research has proven that visual identification of dog breeds is incorrect more than 70% of the time. We joined many progressive shelters around the country and removed breed labels from our shelters."

Each of the four houses—Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin—are characterized by four main personality traits. While they couldn't arrange to get their paws on the official sorting hat, shelter staff are evaluating the dog's personalities to place them into the appropriate houses.


Dogs that excel in obedience training, for example, have the knowledge to get them into Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff is for the dogs that are abundantly friendly, and the most ambitious dogs that are ready to take on the world go into Slytherin. The coveted Gryffindor house is all about having the bravery to overcome opposition and embrace change.
The system is designed to give potential adopters practical information about the dog they're thinking about taking home. Pet Alliance wants to make life-long matches, and they know a dog's personality—and not their breed—will determine whether or not they fit in with a new family.

They've even set up an online quiz so dog owners can find out which house their pup belongs to. Check out their website to take the quiz and find the perfect new house mate.

What house is your dog in? Let us know in the comments.

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