Fishpond's Waterproof Sling is a Great Addition to Your Arsenal

If you need a waterproof sling pack, Fishpond has you covered. 

Have you ever ventured a little farther than you liked out into the river, only to get back to dry land and find your pack is waterlogged? I hate that, too. Rust can get your flies and tools, and then the smell comes when it's all drying. Thankfully, Fishpond's new waterproof sling, the Thunderhead, solves this problem. Being one of the few 100% submersible packs on the market, getting your hands on one makes a lot of sense.

When I first received my Thunderhead in the mail, I was awfully excited. I carry a DSLR with me about every time I go fishing. With a waterproof sling, knowing it is going to be fully protected gives a nice level of comfort. However, when the time came to pack the sling, I ran out of room. With only two main pouches for gear, and an internal pouch for smaller things, there just wasn't enough space to pack all I needed, and my camera.

waterproof sling

Brad Smith showing off a carp on the fly with the Thunderhead on his back

As far as fishing with it goes, it's great. It stays tight to my body, doesn't swing or rub against my skin, and doesn't interfere with casting. All of those traits make it a great a sling. Another real cool feature of this sling is the built in net holder. However, I carry a very big net and it just didn't fit. Thankfully due to the design, I was able to carry it behind my sling like Connor MacLeod from Highlander. It worked out just fine.

As far as the waterproofness of the sling goes, it is top notch. I did take a fall at one point on the river recently wearing this sling. I am happy to report it was dry as a bone on the inside. Since that experience, I've changed things up a bit and wear the Thunderhead exclusively on my back for the electronics and a waist pack for the flies, tippet, and tools. It is excessive, but when pictures are a main part of your business, it is essential.

If you are like me and have a strong desire to carry a camera or other electronics out in the river, the Thunderhead is a great option. However, if you carry a lot of gear as well, you might be in trouble.