polarized fishing glasses
Costa Del Mar

Gear Review: When it Comes to Polarized Fishing Glasses, Costa Rules Them All

You get what you pay for with polarized fishing glasses.

I've been fishing for a long time. I started out fishing bass tournaments, eventually becoming a guide, and I have worn many different pairs of polarized fishing glasses. Some have been great, some have been terrible. During all that time, though, I never wore any Costa sunglasses. Recently on a trip to the Au Sable river up in Michigan, I did.

The very first thing I noticed about the Tasman Sea 580 sunglasses that I wore was the coverage on my face. One thing I hate about some pairs of polarized fishing glasses is their inability to cover my whole eye while on the water. Side glare is a real thing, and let me tell you this, it sucks. With the Tasman Sea pair, my whole field of view was covered completely.

I also thoroughly enjoyed how they rested on my face. My last pair of high-dollar sunglasses, which shall forever remain nameless, irritated the top of my cheek bones where they rested. On a hot sunny day, they would rub and cause an annoying itch by the end of the day. For two years, I just put up with it. It wasn't that bad, but until I had on the Costas, I didn't realize how bad they really were.

Obviously, the style is pretty legit. As my wife is happy to report, they are fashionable enough I can wear them out on the town and not look like I just went fishing. Often times, fishing glasses have their own unique style all their own; some people like it and others don't. With Costa, though, you get both.

With all the being said, the actual lenses blew me away. The 580 lens just might be the clearest lens I have ever had on my face. With a side by side comparison of the pair I used to wear, there was just nothing in common.

I hate just going on and on about how great these lenses are, but before I took them on a fishing trip, I didn't realize what I was missing.

In a world where you can find polarized fishing glasses ranging between $5.00 and $500, you definitely have some options. However, if you are serious about your craft, Costa is flat out where it's at.