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Gear Review: The New Redington Sonic-Pro HD Waders Live Up to the Hype

Sonic-Pro HD
Matt Smith fishing in the Sonic-Pro HD's on the Au Sable river.

Let's cut to the chase; the Sonic-Pro HD waders top my list. Here's why. 

I'm sort of a wader buff. I tend to buy a new pair of waders every other year or so. I've pretty much run the course from about every brand you can imagine, to include Redington's previous wader styles as well. However, very recently, I was able to take a pair of the new Sonic-Pro HD waders with me on a fishing trip. Trust me when I say this; they need to be worn to truly understand what these waders can do.

First off, Redington bills these waders up as highly breathable. To be honest, these waders are so breathable they feel like they are going to rip just walking through grass. However, that is what I loved about them the most. The fact that the Sonic-Pros were so light really made me fall in love with them. The sonic welding in the seams ensures they stay waterproof and the four layers of construction stands up to about anything you can throw at them. When you are wearing them though, you just don't feel like you are wearing waders.

Sonic-Pro HD

Secondly, these things have pockets. I love keeping my cell phone, Jeep keys, floatant, weights, and hemo's in my chest pockets. The Sonic-Pro's have pockets on pockets and this wasn't a problem at all. The best part with all the pockets is that they were big enough I could spread things around and they all weren't bunched up jabbing me in the chest.

I have a pair of wader pants I like to wear when it's hot. However, with how light and breathable the Sonic-Pro HDs are, I'm going to be wearing those instead. That extra wader room in the chest knowing I'm not going to dip over my waist is nice peace of mind when the water gets a little deeper.

Overall, if you are looking for a wader that is super light, super breathable, super durable, and has a bunch of pockets in the chest at a mid range price point, you aren't going to find anything better than these things. Like I said, give them a try yourself. You won't fish in anything else.


Gear Review: The New Redington Sonic-Pro HD Waders Live Up to the Hype