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Fishing Supplies: Baits, Hooks, and Gear to Always Have at the Ready

Wondering what kind of fishing gear you should stock up on and always have around? We've got some ideas.

Anglers are always looking for the right kind of fishing gear, but sometimes the selection is so wide it's hard to zoom in on what exactly it is that you need.

Different times of year, weather conditions, and locations can all weigh in on what kind of fishing technique will work best. But once you make it past the fishing rods and fishing reels you know you need, the terminal tackle, bait, and accessories that you'll almost always need should be added to your tackle boxes.

Fishing Line

While it still has its place, we'll pass on by monofilament line and suggest one of the other common types. Berkley has been one of the top brands in fishing for a good while, and their Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is an instant winner. If you're in need of braid, try the Berkley Big Game Braid and see how long a large spool will last you.

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Fishing Hooks

There's such a variety of hooks available these days, but a couple mainstays will be great additions to your total fishing supply list. A pack of Berkley Fusion 19 Offset Hooks would be great for rigging worms and other soft plastics, while the Eagle Claw Weedless Baitholder Hooks work wonders when you're casting into heavy cover. Basically, find the type of hook you like, and stock up. They're the sort of fishing tackle you know you're always going to use.

Soft Plastics

Speaking of artificial plastic baits, some Gary Yamamoto Senko Worms will be super beneficial for largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as panfish and a number of other common freshwater gamefish species. They can be rigged several ways, and of course come in a range of colors. Of course, many of Berkley's soft baits are infused with scent attractants and can serve you well, too.

Topwater Bait

When a good topwater bait is needed, a frog will almost always do the trick. Try this Ozark Trail Frog Lure Kit and it'll give you three options and a nice go-to weapon for when they're really biting.

Extra Fishing Lures

Having a couple baits that make serious commotions, and therefore can't really be ignored, will always come in handy. Try something like the Strike King Mini King Spinnerbait, and you'll likely see the advantage. If you've always got one of these at the ready, you'll sometimes be able to turn a slow day around. I caught my personal best largemouth while bass fishing down in Mexico on a Z-Man Chatterbait bladed swim jig, so I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for that classic fishing mainstay.

If there was one hard bait to bring up as a nice, versatile, easy-to-fish option, it's the Strike King KVD Squarebill Crankbait

Fishing Accessories

The Ozark Trail 11-in-1 Fishing Multitool is a can't-go-wrong pair of fishing pliers on steroids. Any task can be taken care of with one of these bad boys, and it easily stashes inside your tackle storage system of choice.

Fishing equipment can get expensive and often involves some big money purchases. If you're also spending too much money on the little necessities right before each and every new fishing trip, then you're really falling behind.

The smart move is to stock up on the necessary stuff you know you'll always need, and take more time to save up for the waterproof waders, trolling motors, and fish finders that will pay dividends as well.

What's great about fishing is its accessibility. Basically anyone in the U.S. can find a spot to cast a line, and they're going to eventually catch something. Whether you're boating up and down your local lake or doing some shore fishing at a small creek, you'll find a level of comfort knowing you've got these main items that you'll inevitably need.