Fishbrain BiteTime

Fishbrain BiteTime: Just When You Thought Social Network Fishing Couldn’t Get Any Better

Fishbrain BiteTime and Casio present the next level of fishing social networking.

Fishbrain and its partners at Casio have just announced their brand new Fishbrain BiteTime app, and this time the command operation involves your voice! The fishing forecast social network is "unveiling significant updates to its WearOS app, with Google Assistant integration."

Now you can not only find which species of fish is biting and where, but with the integrated machine learning, it can all be done by voice control. Fishbrain CEO and co-founder Johan Attby and his team have come up with new features, especially for premium users.

Anyone from California to Florida in the United States and beyond will now have full control to keep both hands busy catching and releasing different species of fish with the BiteTime feature.

Pro anglers, amateurs, and anyone who simply loves being on the water will enjoy their fishing spots even more and can immediately share their dream catch using the Fishbrain mobile app.

Fishbrain BiteTime


Fishbrain has told us that this new development enables anglers to log catches through voice commands, meaning they won't have to fumble with their phone at all during a fishing trip.

Fishbrain BiteTime is now included as the featured app on the venerable Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 smartwatch, which looks as good as it functions.

"By allowing users to log catches with their voice they can focus solely on the task at hand, landing that dream catch!" said Attby. "The introduction of Fishbrain BiteTime, meanwhile, enables them to digest accurate forecast data. Fishbrain is a perfect match for wearable devices such as the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30, because often when you're out on the water you aren't able to pull out your smartphone, so by having such sophisticated technology on your wrist you are able to fish smarter, not harder."

Premium users now have cutting-edge analytical data accessible right on their wrist. The integrated app also includes some of Fishbrain's best features, such as crowdsourced angling data and interactive maps, and it's all accessible on a Casio watch.

This updated version of the app is a joint development between partners Fishbrain and Casio. Casio devices are now designed to operate in widely varied and harsh environments, making it a great tool for any outdoorsman.

If you're tired of worrying about your smartphone on the water, this beautifully updated wrist device (because you can't just call it a watch!) lets you forget about all that and concentrate on the water.

Think about it; you can check the moon phase, air pressure, or a spot to catch your favorite fish species and do it all from your wrist!

Find out more and learn how to start using Fishbrain at their website.

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