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Elite Series Pro Angler Mark Menendez Harassed During New York Tourney [PICS]

Photos via Mark Menendez

Mark Menendez, a 20-year veteran of the Bassmaster tournament trail, was harassed by a riverside landowner during competition on the St. Lawrence River.

Mark Menedez was working a shoreline during the Evan Williams Bourbon Bassmaster Elite on the St. Lawrence River July 31, 2015 when an irate landowner confronted him.

“I was just going down a bank, and this guy yells at me that there’s a big fish under his dock,” Menendez said.

Always the consummate pro, Menedez immediately answered the landowner that they couldn’t really discuss fish sightings.

“I told him that we couldn’t accept information like that. It’s against the tournament rules.”

It was then that Menendez realized that the man in question was not offering him help.

The veteran Elite Series angler said that the man was yelling to him that there was a big fish under his dock and that he had to leave it alone, telling Menendez “you’re really pushing it.”

It was then that witnesses said the man got into his own boat and began circling the pro angler, which didn’t stop Menendez from immediately boating a three-pounder.

1Mark Menendez

A tournament Marshall that was following Menendez videotaped and photographed much of the incident which Menendez says he will use to press charges against the volatile man.

New York State has laws against harassment of hunters and fishermen in the legal act of their sport.

Being that the man blatantly used racial slurs against him, Menendez wasn’t stopping there;

“Besides harassing me, he started cussing me because I’m Hispanic,” Menendez said. “He’s guilty of a hate crime, too. The warden’s here right now, and I’m going to bury this guy.”

Photos via Mark Menendez

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Elite Series Pro Angler Mark Menendez Harassed During New York Tourney [PICS]