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Find Out Why Fishermen are Adding a Cork to Their Keys

Fishermen everywhere are trying to save some headaches by attaching a cork (or two) to their keys.

It's happened before: you're out on the boat, maybe using your handy-dandy bottle opener on your keychain, and PLOP! You dropped your keys overboard.

Let's be honest, this probably doesn't happen all too often because we are all extremely careful, right? Our keys are securely tucked away in our pocket. Maybe you left them in the gas cap on the truck. Maybe you have a different hiding spot. But what if you did drop your keys overboard?

Below is a video to show you a simple DIY fishing trick to prevent your keys from sinking to the bottom.

Now, if you watched the entire video, you know that one cork wasn't enough for two keys. Most people have several keys on their keychain, so really, this may not work for them. Boats that have keys, however, usually are solo. This would work great for a boat key, seeing as the key does spend most of its time near water.

There are all sorts of ideas that you can use this for. Maybe while out on the water, it's safer to have one key and a cork. Who knows, maybe you are that person who will never make the mistake of sending your keys overboard (hopefully).

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