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Wedding Ring Lost While Fishing Found Years Later

lost wedding ring

Chances are, a wedding ring lost in the water will never be seen again. This lucky angler got his ring back three years later.

If you go fishing enough, you are bound to lose something in the water. Hats, sunglasses, maybe a rod and reel, and plenty of lures will all be donated to the water eventually. What happens to those things you lose? You never see them again, unless you're this guy.

One angler lost his wedding ring three years ago while fishing in a lake in Pennsylvania. He became reunited with it after the lake was drawn down. Talk about a lucky day.

The angler recounts the story of how he lost his wedding ring in this video.

The angler released a fish, and the ring slipped right off of his fingers. He watched, seemingly in slow motion, as the ring slipped to the depths of the pond. If you have ever dropped something overboard, you can relate. He thought about jumping in to get it; instead, he left and then had to tell his wife the bad news of how he lost an important part of their marriage.

His only hope of getting the ring back was the fact that he'd alerted the pond's owners about it. He certainly didn't expect them to actually find it, but when they drained the lake, they used a metal detector to check for it. Quite an act of kindness on the owners' part: this is a story the couple will be able to tell for many years to come.

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Wedding Ring Lost While Fishing Found Years Later