buffalo bone knife

How to Make a Knife From Buffalo Bone

This may be the coolest knife you could own and it's very simple to make.

There are some things in life that just hold so much sentimental value. Items passed down from generation to generation are priceless items that are irreplaceable.

Coming across this video gave me the idea for something I wanted to begin in my generation and pass down to my children, and hopefully their children. A buffalo bone knife. That's right, a knife made out of a buffalo bone.

Surprisingly, this doesn't seem to be all too difficult. It does, however, seem like it will take some time and patience, but honestly I feel even the clumsiest and non-mechanical person could create this. The directions are easy to follow along in the video so take a look.

I've cut myself on fractured bone before so I know they can be filed down to be very sharp. Are they are long lasting as steel? My guess is no and I'm sure its not malleable either and can chip and fracture if not careful. But even with that, take a second to just admire how awesome it would be to hold onto a Buffalo Bone knife that you made yourself.

There are many things to pass on your kids and your grandkids, a homemade buffalo bone knife could be one of them.

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