YouTube: onX Hunt

"Fences," a Short Film From onX Reflects on Hunting Near Boundaries

This short film examines the relationship between hunters and boundaries.

Fences and boundaries. They are something every hunter must deal with at some point or another. Whether you hunt public land or private, we all know about the areas we do not have access to and cannot hunt. Sometimes these areas are easy to note thanks to fences and other times, the boundaries are less obvious.

onX Hunt has spent the last several years making some of the best mapping products on the planet for hunters to help hunters note these borders wherever they happen to be. They recently released this short film called "Fences" that gives a reflective look on these boundaries and how they affect our hunting.

It's a satisfying watch and a good reminder to be courteous to others going into the hunting seasons that are starting to heat up all over the country.

It is true what the narrator said. Areas near fences and boundaries often make for the best transition areas for big game animals. In some places they can serve as funnels or pinch points between feeding and bedding areas. In some areas, "fence sitting" can be looked down upon, but for some areas, it is a highly effective way to hunt, especially if there is land nearby that receives no hunting pressure.

For years, I had one such sanctuary area bordering one side of the area I hunt. No one hunted there and as a result, it was often an escape route on opening morning of firearms season. It hasn't been the same since the land changed hands and people started hunting the former sanctuary.

In any case, this video serves as a good reminder to be mindful of fences and borders. Hopefully, if you must track into an area you do not have access, the landowners will be as courteous as the gentlemen in this video when that hunter's elk crossed over to private land. A little bit of kindness and courtesy towards our fellow hunters goes a long way to making the world, and the outdoor experience, even better.

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