45 Female Dog Names, Because Good Girls Are Perfect

Just one of the MANY fun things about bringing home a new puppy is the very first step: finding the perfect name for her. We have some name ideas for your new princess!

If you haven't noticed already — we love pet names! And while everything about bringing home a new dog is exciting (just think of all the fun and cuddles you'll have with your new puppy!), we think the first step is especially exciting: picking out the perfect name for your new lady pooch!

Whether you're a dog owner who wants a dog name that expresses your pooch's sassy side or something inspired by pop culture is more your style, we've got some female dog names perfect for your new family member. Here are 45 female puppy names for your new princess.

Popular Female Dog Names

1. Athena
2. Bailey
3. Cali/Callie
4. Coco
5. Cleo
6. Daisy
7. Dakota
8. Gigi
9. Harley
10. Izzy
11. Lexi/Lexie
12. Lea//Leia
13. Lucy
14. Lily
15. Luna
16. Lola
17. Maya
18. Millie
19. Molly
20. Pippa/Piper
21. Pixie
22. Rosie
23. Roxy
24. Sadie
25. Skye
26. Trixie
27. Winnie

Pop Culture and Disney Inspired Names:

1. Ariel
2. Bella (this is a pretty moniker inspired by the tv show 'Bella and the Bulldogs')
3. Belle
4. Buttercup (fans of the movie 'The Princess Bride' will recognize this name!)
5. Cher
6. Chanel
7. Effie (this is, of course, inspired by the movie 'Dreamgirls'!)
8. Jasmine
9. Juno
10. Lassie
11. Marley
12. Minnie
13. Mila
14. Nala
15. Storm
16. Venus
17. Xena
18. Zelda

Bonus name!

19. Guava (I just had to include this one as it's my own girl dog's name!)

These are just some of the millions of girl dog names out there; the options are, well, endless! So, go forth and find that perfect name for your new fur-ever best friend! As they say, the world is your oyster, or something like that...

Do you have a favorite girl dog name that's not on this list? Share it with us on the Wide Open Pets Facebook page!

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