12 Food Names for Pets Because Sometimes They're Just a Ravioli

You're ready to welcome your new pet into your home, but before you can get on with becoming best friends, your new little one needs a name. Some of the most common dog names and cat names are names that you'll hear again and again. But those names just aren't right for you. Your pet deserves something different.

And why wouldn't you want to name the new love of your life after something you've been loving since day one? Food is the only thing in life that comes close to matching the amount of love you feel for your pet, and fun food names are perfect for pets of all kinds. Read on to get inspiration from 12 great food names for pets.

Food Names for Pets

Your pet's creative culinary name can describe how they look, how they act, or you can link your favorite food with your favorite furry (or scaly or feathery) friend. Here are some ideas of possible food names for your pet that are sure to make you hungry and happy.

1. Taco

Because tacocat is tacocat spelled backward. And that's the cutest palindrome there ever was or ever will be.

2. Biscuit

food names

Imagine yourself running around the dog park yelling, "Biscuit! Biscuit, where are you, you chowhound??" The reaction you'll get from both the other dogs and their owners is reason enough to name your pooch after this sweet treat.

3. Peaches

food names

Peaches are round, fuzzy, and sweet. Hmm, that sounds a lot like your guinea pig. Banana would also be a good fruit name for a pet; maybe for a parrot.

4. Fritter

food names

Peter Cottontail may be hopping down the bunny trail, but Fritter just topped the charts as the most perfect bunny name ever. Cream Puff is a close second for this little sweetie.

5. Brownie

food names

It's not exactly creative, but we dare you to think of a better name for that sweet, chocolaty face. Other sweet dessert names to consider would be Pancake, Shortcake, or Hershey/Cocoa (again, perfect for the new puppy above).

6. Pickles

food names

Sweet and sour or bread and butter, pickles aren't only delicious sandwich toppers. The crave-worthy snack also makes for the perfect reptile name.

7. Oreo

food names

Milk's favorite cookie, meet everyone's favorite feline name.

8. Tater Tot

food names

Pomeranians are obviously the tater tots of the dog world.

9. Sushi

food names

Protect your fish's innocence by sparing him the tasty details of his namesake, but Sushi is the perfect name for your finned friend.

10. T-Bone or Pork Chop

food names

Your parrot's diet consists of mostly seeds and fruit, but T-Bone is too cool of a name to pass up. If you're a vegetarian maybe Tofu is better...

11. Truffle


Fun Fact: A truffle is either a strong-smelling underground fungus or a decadent chocolate treat. You can decide for yourself which better describes your favorite snout-nosed pet.

12. Honey

food names

When your pet's name is Honey, it's impossible to think of her as anything other than sweet and friendly. Hold on to that thought when your hamster escapes from her enclosure and nibbles her way across your desk.

Some other notable mentions include: Jellybean, Frito, Brie, Bok Choy, Colby Jack (like the cheese), Basil, Mocha, Crumpet, Lamb Chop, and Ravioli!

Your petholds a special place in your heart, and they deserve a name worthy of their unique personality. Fido, Max, and Tweetie are all well and good, but naming your pet after your favorite food is your chance to stand out from the herd.

Tell us your favorite pet names in the comments below!

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