black bear

Fascinating Footage Shows Black Bear Emerging From Den

Learn the interesting behaviors of a black bear, with this fascinating trail camera footage and narrative.

Black bears typically hibernate somewhere between three and eight months, depending on regional climate. During this time, their heart rate drops to eight beats per minute and all eating, drinking, urination, and defecation stops completely.

This interesting and informative video was recorded at a Minnesota den site in late February of 2016. Using multiple trail cameras, more than a month's worth of footage was captured, showing behaviors that are surprising. The narrative is a nice touch to expertly explain what is happening.

Time to wake up, sleepy bear:

Was this a funny reminder of how long it takes you to get out of bed in the morning?

As you saw, the process after hibernation is a long one. Regaining muscle memory and strength doesn't happen overnight, and in fact, the metabolic rate of a hibernating bear stays at a reduced rate for up to 21 days after hibernation.

The life of a bear. A well-rested one at that.