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Big Whitetail Buck Shows Us Two Rut Behaviors on Trail Camera

whitetail buck

A rub-urination and working a licking branch are part of the daily rut behavior routine for this big whitetail buck.

You could call me a trail camera addict. As an outdoor writer and wildlife photographer – and strangely enough, not a hunter – my passion for capturing whitetail deer on trail cameras runs high. Actually, it’s a bit of an obsession.

With the rut just coming on here in Eastern Ontario, Canada, my trail cameras are positioned in various locations throughout the woods. And in the case of this video capture, facing a fresh and active scrape.

This big buck, with a flyer off the G2 and a split brow tine on the left side, visited his scrape the day after I put the cam up. And as you’re about to see, he does two typical behaviors over it – a rub-urination and working the licking branch.

Urinating over the tarsal glands (located on the legs) while rubbing them together helps deliver scent to the scrape. Think of it as a calling card to does. A licking branch, found above an active scrape, is worked over with antlers and the forehead, as well as nibbled on, in order to also deposit a buck’s odor.

The advantages of a scrape are two-fold: to attract a doe as well as mark out territory. And he will visit them almost daily to see if any receptive does have come by.

Trail cameras are a cool way to see what your deer are doing. They are quite a complex animal, especially once the rut begins.

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Big Whitetail Buck Shows Us Two Rut Behaviors on Trail Camera