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Rutting Whitetail Buck Chases Doe on Trail Camera Footage

The whitetail rut is in full swing across North America. Watch as this doe plays hard to get when it comes to the amorous buck in hot pursuit! 

Trail cameras give a fascinating and behind-the-scenes look into the habits and behaviours of wildlife.

With a number of my cameras positioned over well-used scrapes and rubs, documenting whitetail behavior has become a passion of mine during the fall rut.

The following footage was recorded with my Stealth Cam 'Black Ops' on November 17. As you will see, this rutting whitetail buck is in hot pursuit of a doe in a short chase sequence that is bound to get you pumped for hitting your tree stand.

According to Dr. Leonard Lee Rue, III in his book "Whitetail Savvy," all bucks test doe readiness by running at them with their heads lowered but their ears pointing forward.

"Mature does are experienced enough to just squat and release a little urine to prove that they are not ready to be bred. Younger does will be chased until they finally get the idea and let out a urine sample too," says Rue.

Think this buck got lucky in the end?

Either way, it sure put a new spin on speed dating!


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Rutting Whitetail Buck Chases Doe on Trail Camera Footage