smokey the bear
Ganglers Lodges/Facebook

Real-Life 'Smokey the Bear' Takes Forest Fire Education to the Next Level

These incredible images show that Smokey the Bear still spreads his message that 'only YOU can prevent forest fires.'

Smokey the Bear analogy sure seems fitting for these incredible images, captured by a guest of Ganglers Lodges in Manitoba, Canada. And who knows, perhaps this fictional character which originated in 1944 does actually roam the wilderness amongst us. Ok, maybe it's just a hungry black bear with a hankering for fresh fish.

There's nothing more Canadian than a shore lunch. Succulent fish fillets, bronzing in hot oil over an open fire is tradition at a fly-in camp. But for a guest of Ganglers, the tempting aroma attracted an unexpected guest to his picnic, and as you'll see, it wasn't afraid to dive right in.

Here's the story Ganglers Lodges posted to their Facebook page:

"Is Shorelunch THAT good ? Everyone who has experienced a fresh caught Canadian shore lunch will agree it is one of the finest dining experiences on the planet ! However, this big black bear took it one step too far. One of our guests came back with these extraordinary photos of a very hungry black bear interrupting his shore lunch. While that is uncommon, the site of the bear actually sticking his nose in the pan of sizzling filets made us cringe. Hopefully the big bruin made a quick recovery. North Seal bears are TOUGH!"

smokey the bear

smokey the bear

smokey the bear

Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Think you'd have the composure to stand there and snap pics?! We sure are glad this guy did.

Have you had an encounter with a bear while cooking your shore lunch? We'd love to hear the cool tale.

Images Courtesy of Ganglers Lodges/Facebook