Farmer Rescues Solitary Finch Frozen to Fence

A small but kind gesture by a farmer who rescued a solitary finch frozen to a metal fence has gone viral. What a nice way to start the new year.

A farmer started the new year off right, with an act of kindness. A small, solitary finch had apparently gotten its feet wet while drinking from his horses' watering tank and had landed upon the adjacent metal fence. In the subzero temperatures, the little bird had then become frozen to the fence!

(Remember how you were told not to stick your tongue to the flagpole or metal fence when you were a kid? Same principle.)

So, the farmer took matters into his own hands, literally, and rescued the small finch.

He cupped the nervous bird in his hand, restraining its wings, and tried to warm the fence with the body heat from his hand. Then, he began to gently blow warm air onto the fence and the bird's feet.

After just a few breaths, you can see the fence under the finch's feet begin to warm up. Finally, he gently works his thumb over the little bird's feet to loosen and finally free them from their icy shackles.

"There we go, little birdy," he gently spoke as he opened his hand to release the bird. "You go ahead and fly away."

The finch chirped a thank you (yes, I'm anthropomorphizing the little critter) and flew off, none the worse for wear.

This endearing video of a small act of kindness has since received well over a million and a half views. Happy New Year, everybody! May your year be marked by acts of kindness to all creatures great and small.

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