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Dramatic Rescue of Dog and Owners After Falling Through Thin Ice

Over a dozen people and rescue personnel work together to save a dog and its owners after they fall through thin ice.

As this year’s late winter finally arrives, it is a good time to remind ourselves to be mindful of the dangers of thin ice on lakes and ponds. This brief news video shows just how treacherous thin ice can be, as a dog struggles to stay afloat while rescuers work together to save it and its owners.

This incident took place in Louisville, Kentucky, when a dog named Lady fell through the ice of a pond. Lady’s owners also found themselves in the same life threatening situation as they attempted to rescue the dog themselves, but also broke through the ice and plunged into the frigid water.

What looks to be a dozen or so people and rescue personnel responded, including a rescuer in a small kayak who paddled to Lady’s location. He was able to scoop Lady onto the kayak, whereupon he was pulled to shore via a line attached to the kayak.

Another scene shows what we assume is one of the dog’s owners also being pulled ashore by rescuers.

Lady was quickly wrapped in a towel or blankets and rushed to a heated automobile. Unfortunately, no further information was offered concerning the condition of the victims of the mishap. Let this be a sober reminder to all of us to be cautious and prepared whenever we venture onto the ice.

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Dramatic Rescue of Dog and Owners After Falling Through Thin Ice