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These 5 Inspirational Moments of 2016 Made Us Proud to be Hunters


Here are a few highlights of 2016 that made us proud to be hunters. We hope your year was filled with great memories of hunting and the outdoors! 

What was your proudest hunting moment this year? We're listening. Share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #MyWideOpenSpaces and we just might feature it in a gallery!

Did you miss any of these awesome stories when they happened? Here they are again:

1. Here's the elk of a lifetime harvested in memory of a brother.


2. Two more states (Kansas and Indiana) made hunting a constitutional right. Here's an up-to-date map of which states have this legal provision for hunters.

3. You can't miss this video of road hunters getting what they deserve: caught in the act by robo-deer.

4. Clyde Roberts, America's oldest hunter took his biggest buck ever this season at age 103.

5. Hannah Helmer, a 14-year-old hunter from Nebraska, now holds the state record for non-typical elk!

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