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103-Year-Old Virginia Hunter Shoots His Biggest Buck Ever

103 year old hunter

This hunter took his best buck ever at 103 years young!

A lot of hunters wait a long time to take their biggest buck ever. But Virginia’s Clyde Roberts may have all of us beat, because he recently celebrated his 103rd birthday! While he’s taken a lot of deer, the 200-pound 8-pointer he took down this year was his best buck ever.

See a local news report where you can hear him speak about his achievement below. When it comes to inspiring hunting stories, this is one of the best we’ve ever seen!

“I don’t feel 103,” Clyde told WDBJ 7 News. “I feel about 85.”

He also told the news station he hadn’t planned on sitting around and doing nothing after he retired at 65. Since then, he’s been busy getting around three deer a year.

Also, interestingly enough, he told the station he still gets buck feverexcept, oddly enough, with his latest and biggest deer.

“My hand was steady and I dropped him,” Clyde told the station.

There you go, guys, if you were ever wondering if buck fever goes away, the magic number might be 103 years.

From all of us at Wide Open Spaces, way to go, Clyde! That’s a beautiful buck!


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103-Year-Old Virginia Hunter Shoots His Biggest Buck Ever