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Animal Rescues: Heartwarming Compilation [VIDEO]

The lengths that some human beings go to in order to save and help the lives of animals is inspiring and uplifting. Witness some of the best of human selflessness.

There are a lot of animal rescue video compilations on the Internet these days. Frankly, they are all worth watching.

As outdoorsmen, hunters and anglers, we tend to come in very close contact with animals much more often and more intimately than most people on the planet. It might fairly be said that hunters and fishermen engage in animal rescues on a wider level than almost any other group of people, through our conservation efforts.

We know how animals suffer from both loss of habitat and from the cruel realities of nature. We care.

I think that’s why we so greatly appreciate and value film like this, where animals both domestic and wild are rescued from some pretty rough and even life threatening situations.

All animals can use a hand from time to time. In addition to animals that we might have a natural affinity towards, like cats and dogs, even whale sharks, infant kangaroos, sea turtles and squirrels can also tug at our heart strings and call us to action.

Most people would, I believe, do what they could to help an animal in need. Most of us have an innate concern and tenderness for injured and hurting critters.

How can we not be moved by the sight of a bare-chested person busting through the ice of a freezing lake to reach a dog in trouble? That is some pretty glorious selflessness right there, is it not?

Perhaps that’s evidence of the circle of life concept. Something in our DNA perhaps, a reminder that all living creatures are connected on some level.

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Animal Rescues: Heartwarming Compilation [VIDEO]