Fact or Fiction? Youngsters Catch Huge Snakes to Help Support Their Family

Is this video real or staged?

You can't believe everything you see or read on the Internet.  So children hunting snakes for a living to support a family may be a stretch. That is why we aren't entirely sure if the reported reasons for this video are correct. But nonetheless, the video is still pretty insane.

According to the caption, the backstory of this video is that these two young children are out catching snakes in order to sell and help support their family in Cambodia. Although it is not confirmed, the content is still wild and mind boggling and these kids bravely snatch up snakes that are longer than them.

And how on earth did they find that one buried deep in the soil?

Looks to be a nightmare in the making for most people, but these kids look like seasoned snake catching veterans.

As I said, is this real, or staged? We aren't entirely sure, but it is crazy nonetheless.

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