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Fishing for Backyard Gophers Doesn't Require Water

Sometimes wildlife can become a nuisance. When that happens, you have a choice.

You can hire someone or you can go fishing for them. Gophers may never replace bass fishing as a tournament species, but it sure could be entertaining.

When this home owner found gophers in his yard and threatening his garden, he took matters in his own hand. He hooked a innovative gopher trap to a line and dropped it in a hole. No need for bait, and you can still pull in a nice catch.

Watch the video below:

Dealing with nuisance wildlife can be a huge pain in the neck, but with proper research and equipment you can transfer that pain to the animal in question.

Instant kill traps as used in this video are the most humane way to dispatch wildlife that causes problems. Certified nuisance trappers can sometimes relocate wildlife, but rarely is that the case with underground dwellers.

Many farm stores sell traps that work great for taking care of the problem-makers. Sometimes you can just make it fun and still deal with the animal in a humane way.