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Exploding Gophers and Fueling the Anti-Hunting Community


Videos like this may not be something we as hunters want to put out there for the sake of our sport... but they're so satisfying.

Don't get me wrong, this video does nothing but make me want to go do this myself. I have always wanted to get a group of guys and head west to sniper shoot some prairie dogs out of their holes.

But when I came across this video, something didn't sit right. Yes, of course, it is part of hunting, and you are going to see some blood and guts sometimes. It adds a cool factor for those who know what's going on, but hunting is about respecting the animal just as much as it is the hunt itself. So should we portray it like this?

With the slow motion cutaways and music? Maybe not.

Now, I know I am doing exactly what I am concerned about by bringing the video to light and publicizing it for many to see who wouldn't have otherwise. But what's your opinion?

Maybe using a smaller caliber would have been a good idea, or cutting away the footage before the guts begin to fly. Similar to what TV shows do with certain content to not upset a certain viewing audience.

Personally I have nothing against this video. But in the social media world we live in with thousands of keyboard warriors, it brings up a train of thought I would have not thought about 5-10 years ago.

It just brings up an interesting debate and point of discussion to converse about. Is this video too far? Does it show to much? Is it unnecessary ammunition being put in the hands of the anti-hunting community?

Although the video is quite entertaining, it can come off just as distasteful as well I believe. Let me know your thoughts.

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Exploding Gophers and Fueling the Anti-Hunting Community