clean a turkey

Everything You Need to Know to Field Dress and Clean a Turkey

You shot one! Now what? 

You can tell it's turkey season when every single facet of social media lights up like Christmas with turkey hunting posts. I think most of would agree it's pretty awesome. However, one thing that seems to be often neglected from all those grip and grins we see, is when they actually clean a turkey! If you don't know what you are doing here, everything leading up to the kill was a waste.

With that in mind, thankfully MossyOakGameKeepers put together this super informational video showing not only how to clean a turkey, but also how to dress one for taxidermy. It's really just about everything you need to know.

Yeah, they make that look real easy don't they? I've absolutely dressed a few turkeys in my time and I'm nothing compared to the ease that just went. They also sure made getting one ready for a mount look real easy also. There really isn't a whole lot too it, but practice does make perfect.

Good luck for what you have left this season out in the woods. A lot of states are just getting started. If that is a state where you live, make sure you come back to this video after you get your bird!