state record turkey

New Missouri Record Turkey Taken Opening Day

Can you believe this new Missouri record turkey was taken with a bow? 

A bowhunter out of Sparta, Missouri, officially holds the new title for a state record turkey. Starting out on opening day of the spring season, it's always hard telling how things are going to shape up. However, fate was on this hunter's side, and he now finds himself squarely in the history books.

"I'm a veteran turkey hunter, but this was my first year hunting the spring season with a bow and arrow," Michael Heffernon said in an interview about his record bird. 

As all turkey hunters know, you got to scout. That is exactly what Heffernon did to put the odds in his favor. By use of a few game cameras, he knew there were big birds that lived on his property.

"We got in our blind well before daylight, and when daylight hit, within 10 minutes we started hearing gobbles in the distance," Heffernon said. "Right off, a hen stepped into our food plot and we heard a big gobbler behind us."

Suddenly, the now pending Missouri state record turkey came all the way into his decoys and Heffernon took the shot. Measuring out to 26.1 pounds with spurs at 1.5 inches and 1 3/8 inches respectively, there was no doubt it was a big bird. The turkey's beard measured out 11.5 inches.

Aftering using the National Wild Turkey Federation's turkey formula to calculate a score, it was quickly realized that Heffernon's bird had a score of 77.8. The previous record was only 76.3. All proper documentation has been put in place and everything has been sent off for official certification.

The whole thing was captured on video and will air on a local Missouri hunting show.