pick a morel

How to Properly Pick a Morel Mushroom

If you are going to go mushroom hunting, you need to know how to pick a morel mushroom the right way. 

Right now, morel mushroom season is in full swing all across the US. If you know where a secret patch lies, consider yourself lucky. However, if you are like most us and just walk around a woods hoping for the best, knowing how to pick a morel mushroom the right way leads to success down the road. Once you locate a patch, odds are good they will be there next year as well. However, if you don't pick it correctly, they won't be.

In this video, you are about to see the right way to pick a morel. There are also some real quick tips on where to look and how to identify the proper morels as well. All in all, it's a pretty good clip.

Good luck this season! It's seems like it is going to be a warm spring. If that is the case, the mushroom season won't be very long. It doesn't take a whole lot of hot weather before morels dry up for the year.

Right now though, the time is right! Get out there and get to picking!