Bow Target

Every Bowhunter Should Invest in This Target

The new Rhino Bag target from Rinehart is a no-brainer if you are an archer or bow hunter.

Rinehart has quickly built a reputation as the top-notch target manufacturer in the industry. If you have squeezed off an arrow into the targets, you know why. They just flat out make good targets.

Their variety and detail has gained popularity with all the neat animals and styles they have. This target I am about to show you is simple, but wow, is it incredible.

Rhino Bag

The Rhino bag is or a new item for Rinehart. The two sided bags come in 3 different sizes. The 18", the 22", and the 26". I personally have the 26" bag, and after pounding it with arrow after arrow, it has climbed to the top of my list for one of the best targets I have shot.

If you bow hunt or just love shooting a stick and string, this is an outstanding target. Oh...and the 18" is  under $50!


All three size options are very reasonable. They are not insanely bulky which allows for easy storing and they have a handle on top to carry. I love this aspect because you can carry the target around with one hand for easy removal or relocation.

bow target

The size and handle allow you to easily toss it in the bed of your truck to take to hunting camp and make sure the bow is dialed in before heading to the stand. I also enjoy shooting with buddies, and these features make it easy to bring it with you for a quick shoot.

Move it wherever you want without nailing down metal rods or having to worry about where it sits. The Rhino Bag is proportionally built to stand itself and take the impact of arrows without tipping over. A great packable target for the archer on the go.

Two Sided (Different Purposes)

I really like the fact that the sides are different from each other. The red size has larger targets that give you a very visible target spot and then you can switch over to the green side that will allow you to hone in on your skills and shoot for the smaller circles. And it is always nice to mix it up a little bit, to where you aren't shooting at the same thing all the time.

Not that it happens all that often, but the multiple circles on both sides allow you to shoot multiple arrows without worrying about robin hooding or damaging another arrow. A rather small bonus, but a good one, because we all know arrows are not cheap anymore.


Extremely Easy Arrow Removal

This is hands down the best feature of this target. And it quite simply blew my mind when I pulled the first couple of arrows out. My draw weight is set at 70 lbs on the new Mathews Halon, and shooting at 20 yards at at 350 feet per second, it still only takes two fingers to remove the arrow. Two fingers!

It literally slides out like butter. I can't stand having to flip targets over, grabbing the arrow with both hands, grunting and pulling all while you bend and flex your arrows, therefore I absolutely love this aspect of the target.

Below is a video of just how easy they come out and a 360 view of the target itself.

Bag Science and Durability

If you have ever owned a bag target, there is a great chance it didn't last long. The sun usually breaks them down quick, and if that doesn't your shots break them down quicker. That isn't the case with the Rhino Bag.

The Rhino Bag is superior in construction when compared to polypropylene bags that quickly deteriorate from the sun's UV rays. Those bags start out stopping arrows but they don't hold up to the sunlight and get brittle. The Rhino Bag provides superior print quality, and because polyester is UV stable, it stays strong in the sun and prevents the polypropylene layer from getting brittle.

bow target

And if you eventually shoot a substantial amount of holes in it, you simply unzip the outside cover and buy a replacement for under $20, saving you from re-buying a whole new target.

Stopping Power

Designed to be the best bag targets on the market, the Rhino Bags feature Dual Layer Power Core technology for long-lasting stopping power—while still allowing arrows to be pulled from the target with ease, all while holding up against the incredible bow speeds in this day and age.

bow target

Nothing is more frustrating than sending an arrow down the range, center punching right where you were aiming, only to see your arrow blow through a target and damage your fletchings. Even from 15 yards, the Rhino stops your arrow with tons of arrow length left time after time.

And somehow, the bag sits perfectly upright every time.

How they do it? I don't really know, but I don't care, because it's awesome.

Cherry On Top

And as if you needed any more reasons to buy one of these, an added bonus to the Rhino Bag is that it just flat out looks cool. More appealing to the eye than any other bow target on the market, the Rhino Bag's neat design just puts a cherry on top of a really great target.

bow target

So my only question is... do you want the 18", the 22", or the 26"?

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