Toughest Saw on Earth: The Wicked Tree Gear Hand Saw is a Must for any Outdoorsman

Wicked Tree Gear's hand saw is just what every outdoorsman needs. Incredibly tough, sharp, no plastic... the thing is just plain Wicked!

Ahhh... summertime! Boating, BBQ's, and fresh air pack the weekends with good times. But summertime is more than just those things. It is also time for honey-do list, yard work, and hanging tree stands if you're a die-hard whitetail hunter.

Which brings me to this new product I am trying out for this summer and heading into this fall. The Wicked Tree Gear Lightweight Hand Saw and Sheath Combo. And so far I am beyond impressed.

hand saw

hand saw

I've used quite a few hand saws, and I have went through quite a few hand saws in my day, and the Wicked saw seems to be one tough cookie. Why do I seem to be so impressed with it? I'll try to break it down for you...


Durability is a pet peeve of mine for hunting products. There is nothing I despise more than purchasing a product only to open it up and feel that it is cheaply made, and then have it break on me in the woods or on the job when I need it to come through.

Once that happens, you are wasting precious time trying to contact customer service and paying money to ship it back in hopes of getting a return.

As soon as this saw gets in your hand, you know this product is tough and built to last and you won't be having those issues. No wiggling parts, sturdy design, and a blade lock design that firmly clicks into place. The rugged cast aluminum handle construction is built like a lightweight brick. That sounds impossible... a lightweight brick? But that is the best way for me to describe it.

Just a solid piece of equipment built by people who hunt hard for people that will hunt hard.


The blades on Wicked Tree Gear Products are impulse hardened high carbon steel. You can feel the sharpness and sturdiness of the blade by just touching it. But once you get it into a piece of wood, that is when you really realize the cutting capabilities of any saw.

The steel blade allows for smooth and fast cuts in all types of trees and wood. Perfect for trimming limbs from trees in your yard or in the deer stand for shooting lanes. The video above shows just how quickly the saw can get through the pesky shooting lane limbs.

Practically turning wood into butter.

No Plastic

One of my favorite features of this product is that there is NO PLASTIC! Which just reiterates my point from above on being tough. Less plastic means less things to break. Which then means you can work it hard and in the elements of a hunt and not have to worry about it failing on you. When hanging tree stands, this thing will be as important to me as my safety harness.

hand saw

I have had many tree saws on which the plastic has cracked, which then allowed for the loading spring to fall out, which then leads to the blade slipping, which then leads to product failure. Sounds like a headache, because it is one.

No plastic must mean it is bulky and heavy though, right? Wrong, the total weight of the saw is only .50 lbs. Small and sleek, the saw will fit into your sheath, hunting bag, or pockets without weighing you down.

User Friendly

Simple by design, the Wicked saw is incredibly simple to use and has just one button that releases the blade. No extra moving parts, just a simple button to push before you put the blade in the locking position. And then the blade remains locked until you push the button again.

Sweet and simple.

Comfortable Grip

This is another amazing feature. Somehow it feels as if they specifically designed the grip for my hand only. Literally fitting like a glove, it allows you to move freely and have complete control of the blade at all times.

hand saw

With a comfortable non-slip rubber over-mold grip design, the handle was ergonomically designed to fit all hands, making it feel like a custom fit tool.

When sweating in the summer heat hanging a stand, it never felt once like it was about to get away from me.


Tested with strict quality standards, Wicked Tree Gear guarantees their products to be the longest lasting, fastest cutting, and all around toughest tree trimming equipment you will ever use. And if any issues, they have a lifetime product warranty that I absolutely love.

But you know what the best part of that lifetime warranty is? You won't ever need to worry about it!


After using the saw for just a few weeks, I am thoroughly impressed. Top notch in quality and a great feel in your hand, the saw has handled every job I put it through. I even was able to knock out a bunch of yard work with it in a matter of minutes because of the incredibly sharp blades. Below is some of the aftermath of that.

hand saw hand saw

Although they are not designed for this, I am excited for deer season to see how they do on the breast bone of a deer or even cutting through the leg bones and what not when processing a deer.

I am sure they will do the job and then some, just as they have for me already.

Wicked Tough! This is a product that will be entering and staying in my hunting pack for years to come.

hand saw

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