Hunting Accident with Muzzleloader Results in Thumb Amputation

Hunting accidents and injuries happen, but this might be the most painful we've ever seen.

When hunting, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you aren't careful. Safety is very important, and we emphasize that importance to younger generations when bringing them up in the outdoors.

There are many products out there to help hunters be proactive so bad things don't happen, but of course these incidents still occur. This is one of those incidents, and out of respect for the person in this story, we ask that you refrain from voicing jokes and rude comments.

The man in this story suffered one of the most painful injuries from a hunting-related accident we've ever seen, and we're hoping he has a speedy recovery. Last we heard, the doctors were attempting to save the mobility in his hand and fingers, but the man's thumb was to be fully amputated.

For reasons of privacy, we aren't going to reveal the hunter's name. But while muzzleloader hunting deep into the mountains of Virginia, a coyote presented a shot to the hunter.

In hopes of taking out the coyote for some predator control, one shot would forever change this man's life. Unfortunately, the barrel exploded on his Savage 10ML II muzzleloader, and did severe damage to his hand, as you can see.


It's a shame that there's no monster buck behind the story to help make this guy's day a tad bit better. However, it is just another reason to take out a coyote every chance you get.

There have been rumors that a double load caused the malfunction, but there it has also been said that it was simply a barrel failure. For the sake of sticking to the facts, we're not saying it's either one of those scenarios.


Everyone be safe out there in the woods and enjoy your time outdoors. Hopefully, you are never on the end of an unfortunate story like this one and your hunting endeavors are injury free.

What's the worst hunting-related accident you've ever seen?