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The Brand New Mathews HALON Will Turn Heads in 2016

Look out bowhunters, the Mathews HALON just went to the top of your bowhunting wishlist. 

Bowhunters know what they like, and that tends to be the reason why Mathews is who they are. With the brand new Mathews HALON hitting the market, bowhunters are going to have a whole new reason to fall in love with this company all over again.

In a recent video just produced by , see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

A stealthy draw mixed with crazy accuracy coupled with the ability to shoot 353 feet per second, this just might be your new favorite bow. The Mathews HALON features a Crosscentric™ Cam with an 85% let off while weighing in at only 4.6-pounds.

This bow is now being billed as the Mathews flagship bow that is both their hardest hitting model, as well as one of the most accurate. With the suggested selling price of $1,099, this may be the last bow you ever purchase.

Either way, with a name like Mathews, how can you go wrong?


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The Brand New Mathews HALON Will Turn Heads in 2016