baby turkeys

Ever Wonder How Baby Turkeys Are Made?

Most likely, you already know the baby turkeys are called poults.

But did you know how those poults are made? If you've never seen the turkey-making action, check out the following video.

Yeah, it's probably pretty much what you thought. The male turkey, called a tom or gobbler, struts his stuff. The female turkey, called a hen, indicates her, ahem, receptivity. And then tom turkey ... well, he does his thing.

Like any video of this, um, variety, it gets a little boring. You can fast forward to the important parts of making baby turkeys, if that's your thing.

It doesn't look like the most comfortable activity for the hen, but isn't that the case a lot of the time?

Of course, there is all of the egg laying and hatching, but this video pretty much sums up this part of the equation for making baby turkeys.

I will say that tom turkey looks like quite the cocky bugger. Out of a 15-minute video, almost a third of it is him dancing around afterward. I was rooting for him to get it in the end (i.e., shotgun pellets to the head).

Unfortunately, in that regards, the climax of the video was disappointing.