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10 Instagram Huntresses Who've Bagged Head-Turning Turkeys This Season

Bagged your turkey yet? These ladies have, and their pics are making us gobble with jealousy!

Ask any hunter which season they look forward to the most, and it'll be a toss up between turkey and deer. For us here at Wide Open Spaces, the arrival of spring with its awesome 'thunder chickens' is a thrill that simply can't be beat. (Don't get us wrong, we still LOVE deer!)

The following lady hunters have already tagged out on some awesome turkey early in the 2017 season. Whether taken with bow or gun, bagging a bird takes skill and determination, and these huntresses definitely possess both traits.

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Kendall Jones

Jennifer Pudenz

Sallie Doty

Tonya Wisener

Kirsten Godfrey

Kaylee Bohannan

One turkey down! #Benelli #SHEoutdoor #SHEhunts #acehighwaterfowl #turkeyhunting #huntfieldlabs

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Rachelle Hedrick

Cara Holland

Niki Tilley

Brittney Glaze

          Good luck to all hunters this turkey season. We hope these images have given you some inspiration for bagging your own bird in 2017.

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