The Key to Killing Turkeys? The Setup

Knowing where and when to set up on a gobbling turkey is often the difference between a turkey kill and another gobbler that got away.

Watch this short video to learn some setup tips that will help you kill more turkeys this spring.

Let's review:

  • Don't rush. You probably have more time than you think.
  • Look behind you to see what the gobbler will see when he's coming in.
  • Try to stay in the shade.
  • Use your pruning shears (you do carry pruning shears to the turkey woods, right?) to cut cover to place in front of you.
  • If a turkey gobbles from inside 75 yards, take a seat where you are and get ready. Chances are you'll see him soon.

Another tip not mentioned in the video is that, if you are not using decoys, you should always try to setup in a position where you can shoot the gobbler once he can see your calling location. Also, do your best not to setup up with any type of obstacle between you and the bird (i.e. a creek, a fence, a deep ravine.)

Use these tips to help you create a killer setup and have your best spring ever.

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