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5 Turkey Hunting Mistakes Every Hunter Should Avoid

Let’s face it. Turkey hunting mistakes are easy to make.

Avoid these five mistakes and you’ll kill more turkeys.

1. Calling from a bad position

When a gobbler responds to your turkey call, you’ve made contact and the bird could be coming. Have a setup spot ready before calling to avoid a hasty (bad) setup.

2. Not being aware of your surroundings

turkey mistake2 wos

While working a gobbling turkey, it’s hard to pull your attention away, but other turkeys often sneak in silently. Turn off your tunnel vision for a moment and you might tag a subordinate tom looking to steal a hen away from the boss bird you’ve been talking to.

3. Making snap decisions

We get excited when a turkey gobbles. That’s one of the biggest reasons we put up with early wakeups, drenching thunderstorms, and ticked off bosses to hunt spring gobblers. However, taking some time to analyze the gobbler’s position, the best calling setup, and other factors will get you up close and personal to more of the birds you love.

4. Moving too soon

turkey mistake3 wos

Changing setups on a hung up bird will sometimes bring him in; other times, you’ll get busted. The tendency for most hunters is to move too soon. Patience is a virtue in the turkey hunting world and sticking it out just a few minutes longer might help you fill your tag.

5. Missing the shot

Turkey guns are shooting tighter patterns than ever before. Wait for a standing shot or cluck sharply on a diaphragm call to get the bird to raise his head, place your sight just above the wattles, and squeeze the trigger.

I’ve made all of these turkey hunting mistakes myself, but this poor hunter made them all in one hunt.

Learn from someone else’s turkey hunting mistakes now, and avoid making your own in the future.



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5 Turkey Hunting Mistakes Every Hunter Should Avoid