Turkey Hunters Get Shot at While Calling in a Tom

Want to know what getting shot while turkey hunting looks like? Here you go.

These hunters were set up in a fallen tree in a forest opening. As two toms approached, the hunters began preparing for the shot.

Just then, another unseen hunter takes a shot at the toms from behind the hunters.

This disturbing video will give you a glimpse of what getting shot while turkey hunting looks like. Hopefully you never find out what it feels like.

Statistically, you're more likely to get shot while turkey hunting than hunting any other game animal. The fact that you are wearing full camo and making the calls of the exact quarry you're out there pursuing, combined with the use of male turkey decoys, can be a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, these hunters received only minor wounds from this incident, but had they not had that tree to protect them, or had the shooter been closer, things may have turned out differently.

There are a few things you can do to avoid getting shot while turkey hunting including:

  • Avoid using male turkey decoys on public or heavily hunted private land — Turkey decoys are becoming more and more realistic. This is great for luring in longbeards, but also creates the potential for fooling other hunters into taking a shot.
  • Know who's hunting the property — Just knowing that another hunter is on the property is often enough to avoid mistakes like the one made in this video.
  • Employ some blaze orange — It's not a bad idea to wear a blaze orange hat while moving through heavily hunted areas. When you reach your setup hang the hat in a tree within 15 yards of your position. This will help other hunters know that you are there and, hopefully, keep you from suffering the same fate as the hunters in this video.

Turkey hunting is a great way to get out and experience spring, but everyone should keep safety in mind while doing so. Positively identify your target and what's beyond it before shooting. If you see another hunter approaching, call out in a loud clear voice, "Hey hunter." It might spook the bird you've been working, but there's no turkey worth getting shot.

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