Ever Seen a Cat Riding a Horse with a Little Girl?

No, it's not a circus act.

Cats riding horses isn't something you'd expect to see at your average farm, but the cat in this video isn't exactly average. Dude is a brave black cat with big ideas about what it means to have fun. While most felines loathe any situation where they're not in complete control, Dude is happy to experience the thrill that keeps equestrians in the saddle.

Dude's human sister may be small, but she's already a skilled horseback rider. Her trusty steed is an adorable miniature horse named Gallant. The girl has taught Gallant how to trot and canter, and she hopes to one day see the little horse jump and barrel race. While Gallant's skills are impressive, it's the cat that steals the spotlight in this video.


When the girl gently encourages Dude to hop on the horse behind the saddle, the cat happily complies. He scrambles his way into position while Gallant waits patiently for his extra passenger to get situated. When all paws are on board, the trio takes off through the snow.

Most cats would jump off as soon as the bumpy ride gets started, but not Dude. He crouches low on the horse's back for balance and rides with the grace and skill of an experienced jockey. Even when Gallant picks up the pace with snow flying out behind his miniature hooves, Dude doesn't jump off.


This obviously isn't the first time Dude, Gallant, and their human sister have all gone riding together. With a little more practice, they'll be better than any circus act under the big top.

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