Watch a Cat Tour the Neighborhood on the Back of a Pony

This incredible video footage of a cat riding a pony proves that riding is for anyone...even felines.

The stars of the video are Louis the cat and Comet the pony. Louis appears to be a Siamese cat, while Comet is a lovely dappled grey pony.

This unique pair bands together to enjoy a sightseeing tour of North Devon, a coastal area in southwest England.


The day begins when Louis climbs aboard Comet in the stall. After loading themselves into the trailer and arriving at their destination, they wander through forests, over bridges, and across streams.

Louis sits calmly aboard Comet's back the entire way, demonstrating his exceptional balance and posture, which is better than many human riders!

Watch the unbelievable video below and prepare to be amazed:

Everyone - human and animal alike - needs a special friend to go adventuring with. Louis and Comet are lucky to have found theirs!

What do you think of this unique duo? Share your thoughts below!

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