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Extreme Cat Goes Sled Riding On His Owner's Shoulders

Winter is so much more fun when you have a sledding cat to enjoy it with.

Remember the joy of sledding? The cold air, the exhilaration of speeding down a snowy hillside? What if you had a sledding cat to experience it with you? This guy does, and it seems to make the experience even more fun.

Unlike most house cats, who lounge around and bat at plastic toys, Weston, a handsome black cat with white paws, "enjoys hitting the sledding run when it snows," his owner, Jesse Smith, wrote in the video description on YouTube.

Donning his cat jacket, Weston sits on Smith's shoulders and balances as the sled picks up speed.

"Let's hope we don't wipe out, buddy! Hang on man!" Smith yells at one point. But Weston seems unperturbed, simply enjoying the passing view.

It may seem incredible, but when Smith and his girlfriend adopted five-month-old Weston and sister Ellinore from the Lewis County Animal Shelter, they decided to raise them a little differently, and teach the cats to enjoy outdoor adventures with them.

You can see for yourself how well it worked!

For more adventures of Weston and his sister, Ellinore, you can check out their Facebook page.

This article was originally published January 2, 2018.

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