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How to Break Into a Gun Safe for Only $10

When you spend a bunch of money on a gun safe, you'd probably assume it was theft-proof.

I can't even begin to count the number of different gun safe brands out on the market right now.

From super inexpensive options that are perfect for the hunting cabin, to extremely high-end super heavy duty safes that are a work of art on the outside, there's a gun safe for every application.

As sad as it is, watch how 10 bucks can get you into some of the heaviest gun safes.

Wow, I sure appreciate the tip on what to look for when selecting a theft-proof safe.

As the video shows, it doesn't take a whole heck of a lot to get into even some of the best safes on the market. If your home gun safe has relatively thin sidewalls, you might want to consider boxing it into a corner, so that the door is the only exposed piece. For additional security, be sure to bolt the safe to the floor from the interior, it'll definitely make a big difference!

If you're looking for a new gun safe this year, check out the Lincoln Series from the Liberty Safe Company. It's a seriously rock-solid piece of equipment that'll have no issues protecting your gear this season. Every angle of this safe has been designed to detour thefts, including the sides of this series. With 90 minutes of fire protection, the Lincoln Series has you covered even during the worst disaster.