fire starter hacks
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Which One of These Fire Starter Hacks Will You Try First?

These fire starter hacks will make you completely re-think how you've been fire starting your whole life; take a look and see which one you will try first.

We all know that being able to start a fire is one of the most vital skills you can have as an outdoorsman. Whether it's for a survival situation or just for being able to start a campfire while out by the lake with your friends, no person who spends time in the outdoors wants to be seen struggling with a fire.

Luckily for you, if you put in a little time and effort beforehand, with these fire starter hacks, you'll be able to get that fire blazing in no time at all, and can prove yourself to be the "expert" in your outdoor group.

Of course, for any survival hack, you're going to need at least a dozen Altoids cans. But, all joking aside, these are some really great tricks to help you start a fire quickly and easily. So get out your DIY kit and get to crafting so that you're all stocked up on fire starters when the time comes where you need it.

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