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Here’s the Best Ghillie Suit on the Market and Why

O'Neill Ops

This is the meanest ghillie suit you’ll ever need.

Made popular by snipers who needed to stay concealed deep within enemy territory, the ghillie suit has stayed the same in nature since its inception, but has been refined to meet the demands of today’s applications. From paracord netting to reinforced material for crawling, today’s ghillie suits are nothing like they once were.

Check-in with James O’Neill as he reviews the Mamba Suit from Tactical Concealment.

As always, awesome review, James!

The Mamba Suit is a must have if you’re serious about staying concealed this hunting season. Though there are several other ghillie suits and other 3-D camouflage outfits available to hunters, this particular kit has everything you need to transfer it to different settings effectively and you’ll never once question it’s design.

Tactical Concealment, ghillie suit
Tactical Concealment

Unlike its competition, the Mamba suit is extremely lightweight, but not because it’s made without any bells and whistles. This suit has it all and is a comfortable weight (score!). From rugged stirrups on the pant legs to long-lasting nylon vegetation cords to adjustable padding in the knees, this suit is worth every penny.


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Here’s the Best Ghillie Suit on the Market and Why